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Oznaka Historiana

Second Forum on History Education

This week, I participated in the “The Consequences of Digital Age on History Education” round table as part of the “History Education in the digital age” forum. Together with Steven Segers (EuroClio) and Rūta kazlauskaitė (University of Helsinki), we discussed… Nastavi čitati →

Plickers for History Teachers: a Great Tool for Assessment

I have to admit in the beginning – I was not searching for Plickers! But now that I have found the app and tried it out with my students it’s going to stay with us. My students and I love… Nastavi čitati →

Facebook and Fakebook

It’s time for Santa and Elves and if we keep playing with our imagination let us look to the online world. If we imagine a big microscope that can look behind web pages, codes and stuff we could probably see… Nastavi čitati →

IHEA: razvoj digitalnih alata za nastavu povijesti

Krajem kolovoza u Den Haagu je održan drugi radni sastanak ekspertnog tima u projektu “Innovative History Education for All“. Trogodišnji projekt se provodi u sklopu dugotrajnog projekta razvoja historiografskog portala Historiana. Nositelj projekta je europska udruga nastavnika povijesti EuroClio. Koordinatori… Nastavi čitati →

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